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Susannah's Outlet Robes Explained

As our materials are printed by hand, we occasionally come across products which have minor flaws and sell them at various discounted prices, depending on the level of imperfection. Quantities are low and and in some cases there will only be one or two of a particular design available at a given time. 

It is difficult to state the exact imperfections of each robe, as they are all different but they tend to suffer issues such as misprints, dark patches, slight bleach marks and small stitching issues. These faults do not spoil the overall look or feel of the robes but we feel unable to sell them at full price.

Also, due to recent Covid-related supply issues we have struggled to source our preferred “Susannah" labels and have had less-than-perfect ones sewn into the collars. All robes with these inner collar labels we are selling as “outlets".

Outlet robes are sold on a non-returnable basis.