Above is short film I made in the summer of Lola wearing the Long Tailed Bird Red on Orange Kimono Robe (music by Swervedriver)

Susannah Cotton - About Us

Susannah is a lifestyle brand run by designer and founder - Susannah Hardie and her life and business partner - musician Jimmy Hartridge.

Based in Sussex, UK; we met in mid-80’s Oxford and bonded over a shared passion for punk and other rock music. Jimmy has spent decades touring the world with his band Swervedriver. We have three children together.

“My design work has been strongly influenced by artists such as the wild and sometimes sinister children's book illustrator Maurice Sendak, the ceramicist and designer William De Morgan, Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground, David Bowie and many other bohemian and eccentric artists.

I find many gown designs to be too "busy" in terms of their patterns. I prefer to keep my designs simpler and clean, yet strong and bold.”

The gowns are hand made in India using traditional hand-block and screen-printing techniques and we choose light breathable cotton to ensure maximum comfort.

2007 - Susannah & Jimmy on the first of many trips to India
2007 - Susannah & Jimmy on the first of many trips to India
Susannah studying designs in Jaipur
Susannah studying designs in Jaipur

We have sold thousands of our robes worldwide and also supply hotels and spas in places such as California, Tasmania, Greece, Ibiza and the South of France.

Our dressing gowns have featured in major press publications like The New York Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and New York Magazine. They have been featured in major national TV shows, such as the BBC's smash hit "Trigger Point" and ITV's "Murder in Paradise".

Celebrities who wear and love our gowns include Iggy Pop, David Sedaris, Jessica Paré, Mary Portas and many more.

We want our gowns to represent all-inclusive values and to suit people of all ages. Our mission is to ensure that all our customers feel uplifted and special every time they wear one of our gowns.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our site. We really hope you like what you see!

Susannah & Jimmy

How the robes are made

Our talented artisans use block and screen-print techniques to create the patterns: traditional skills which have been passed down through generations of Indian craftsmen. 

This technique can create subtly different patterns with every length of cloth, so every dressing gown is unique.

Block printing the cotton
Some of our wood blocks

The patterns are simple, bold and elegant. The light, breathable cotton makes the gowns incredibly comfortable to wear.

Our gowns are available in one-size: suitable for sizes  6-14 (USA) 38-46 (EU) 10-18 (UK). They measure 51" / 130cm approx from top to bottom and 60" / 152cm across.

Our stock is constantly evolving and the gowns are not only individually unique but each design is limited, so when you own a Susannah dressing gown, you own something truly special.

Due to the natural dyes used in the gowns, we advise washing on cold with a gentle spin.

Rainbow Red Kimono Robe Dressing Gown