October 2023

Susannah Cotton Kimono Robe - Red on Orange

Hello and welcome to a Autumn / Fall 2023 news email. This is my very first blog, despite running this website for what must be around 12 years now. I will refer to it as a "news page" or "newsletter", simply because I prefer the term.

As you will have noticed I am running a quick pre-Xmas sale with 20% off everything. This runs until the end of October.

New Designs 2023
I have some new designs in right now and more on the way very soon. I am catering for men again with some of the new designs, as I feel that they have been somewhat left out of the lightweight cotton dressing gown market - and every time that I release a men's design, it tends to sell out pretty fast.

I launched the Long Tailed Bird Red on Orange kimono robe for women in 2022. It became very popular and sold out, so I have now restocked and added a men's version (my men's designs are shorter than women's and feature an extra breast pocket. To be honest, both dressing gown designs are essentially unisex anyway).

I've just released a new Rainbow White on Blue design, which is basically a reversed version of the classic Susannah Cotton Rainbow Blue Kimono Robe (which has been out of stock for some time, although I do have some more coming in soon - see below). The wooden block print is the same as before but this new design employs a "discharge" block print method. To explain; this is a white pattern printed onto a blue cotton fabric background, as opposed to the simpler blue onto white cotton.

Also on the way soon the way soon is the new Fighting Tigers on Cream (featuring an orange trim); the same Fighting Tigers with a cream and blue design on a grey background (for men and women); a beautifully bright new Rainbow Red (for women and with a fantastic new zigzag collar) and my most requested dressing gown of recent times, the Fighting Tigers Red and Cream on Dark Blue (for both men and women). I will also be re-stocking the original Rainbow Blue (blue on white, as described above) - again featuring the new zigzag collars (and again for men and women). There's quite a lot going on!

Waiting Lists / Newsletter
I am still maintaining the waiting lists for out of stock robes but am considering discontinuing this idea in the near future, in order to concentrate more on a simpler newsletter such as this, which will go to all subscribers.

Thank you so much!